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Innovative Strategies And Methodologies That Enable Our Clients To Use Data To Meet Their Business Goals.


Data Millennium

At Data Millennium we believe that the concepts and paradigms of the Information Age are completely different to what has been learned in the Industrial Age, and it futile to try to repurpose Industrial Age thinking to solve Information Age challenges. We are told that data is the “new oil” or the “new gold”, but this only tells us it is valuable, and says nothing about how we extract value from it. What we need are new approaches that can only come from thought leadership that understands and helps form the data-centric world in which we live. That is what Data Millennium exists to provide.


Palantir Ventures

Palantir is a combination of consultancy, corporate finance house and skunkworks. We are focused on creating new and rapidly growing existing businesses. Our team of business architects are focused on envisioning what could be and then helping the people who are running the companies we work with execute on the plan such that vision becomes reality. Great businesses can make the world a much better place and vastly improve people’s lives. We are passionate about helping create and grow great businesses.

Palantir was formed from the merging of a number of established niche consultancy organisations, including Cave and Holland, Thinksmart Consulting, P3M and empower consulting, in the business development, marketing and sales arenas. The founders of these organisations felt there was a better way to provide their services and the creation of Palantir is the culmination of a number of year’s investigation on the most effective structure to help a company achieve its full potential in the complex, the flexible and ever changing world of 21st century global business.

Our team have an average of twenty years plus experience and knowledge of successfully creating, building, growing, fixing and selling a wide range of businesses. All have gained many grey hairs holding executive positions in a diverse array of industrial sectors and organisational sizes and types.

We have a virtual business operation so the only people you will deal with are the senior folks who have the experience and will add the value. When you buy from us you get the team and our partners even if you only ever interact with one of us. So welcome to our team.



Leadership Extension Team
Our team has empathetic and practical experiences from having held every seat at the table as well as being in the trenches. We know what it's like to be the frontline worker, the founder, the SVP, EVP, c-suite & board member. We've started our own companies as well as created escape velocity for existing enterprises.
We take those learned experiences into your world not as consultants as traditionally defined. We've innovated the business model of relationships into an extension to your leadership team both in terms of how we operate and how we are remunerated in step with the successes we create with you. We're working with you while we are working for you. You know ... What we would have wanted for our own companies.

After having created and exited businesses focused on using technology for societal benefit over the last 30 years, our team now finds unique ways to bring value to companies ranging in size from startup to Fortune 100 to help them accomplish their societal missions on a faster and more scalable basis.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Think of Surrugo Consulting resources as part of your EcoSystem fully capable of interacting with your team members from Business Development to Sales to Operations to Finance (including all Sourcing and Procurement activities).

We have the depth of understanding what it takes to move a closed door to open and allow your employees to tap into our relationships formed over 30 years of current C levels at the CISO, CDAO, CTO, CIO and CEO levels your business requires to start the dialog with real decision makers.


Whether you’re looking for a technical partnership to augment your product or services, assessment of your current product vs the leading competitive vendors in your space funding or (short and long funding, exit options or business consultations) we can provide the most experienced resources to your team. We have flexible working arrangements to meet your budget and grow with your company as we bring new opportunities to your company. We have experience in working with large GSIs (all the global system integrators), smaller cutting edge technology groups to augment and add to your value proposition, marketing resources to launch your product with recognized industry SMEs - in the data centric business sectors.


We are equally experienced in taking the smaller company looking for that first door to open all the way through enterprise deals at the Fortune 10 - Fortune 500 entities.

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