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Our Mission

Opening Doors With Proven Methodology And Access To Customers

Our Story

We are a diverse group of professionals with over 30 years of experience in various business development, sales, operations, management, and technology functions covering a broad spectrum of skills required for many companies finding themselves with a great product – but unable to open doors.
We have been successful in opening those doors for a varied set of clients for over 20 years who provide; Services, Consulting, Contractors, Right to Hires, and Software Products. Our relationships have been preserved and have given us a mechanism to be heard as trusted sources of new technologies, hard to find skill sets for all facets of business operations through technical resourcing (short/medium and long term) engagements.

We have provided companies the opportunity they need to prove their product or service - into an otherwise closed market for fledgling entrants. From understanding how your product works to improving the message to getting you visibility to Fortune 500 companies – that’s what we do and we do it efficiently as to not waste your time without requiring elongated training to become familiar with your offering.
We’ve succeeded in the; Financial, Insurance, Telecommunications, Retail, Technology, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical business sectors from small initial projects to enterprise deals valued at 100s of millions of dollars. We have the brightest minds in early stage investment through successful exits, while creating leverage via unique funding models to grow your business, merge and or acquire tactical and strategic assets vital for continued growth and planning.

Experienced Leadership

About The CEO

Richard Fiorella, designated EVP, Sales and Marketing: Prior to joining Global IDs, Mr. Fiorella founded and continues to lead Surrugo Consulting, a hybrid consulting firm formed through the collaboration of a small, powerful group of ex-Fortune 500 executives. Surrugo’s professional services team and leading edge technology partners provide prominent Wall Street firms, Fortune 500 companies in Real Estate, and various SIP/IVR companies with business development services, traditional contractor services (for all business disciplines), technology assessment, investment, financial, operations and management advisement. 

Before founding Surrugo, Mr. Fiorella served as President of Quantum AI Corp. Here his leadership was instrumental in bringing the company’s innovative product to market in the EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) sector, closing numerous alliance and partnership deals, and eventually positioning the company for sale to a major DoD contractor. During his early career, Mr. Fiorella built a track record of achievement in senior business development and operations management roles with companies including NCS Technologies, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and AT&T. Rich has his Masters degree in Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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