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IT Business Development Sales & Services

Serving The Data Management Business Sector

Let Us Take Your Business To Higher Grounds

Surrugo Consulting has been in business for over 15 years supplying small and large companies with the needed skill sets and business development relationships to take companies to the next levels of growth in various business sectors such as; Telco, Retail, Insurance, Financial Services, Technology, and Power industries.
We can help guide the development of; people, process and technology collaborations with our vast resources at the C level(s) at both the business and technical decision makers.

Business Development

Surrugo is offering a full complement of Business Development skills sets ready to augment any size team sales or business development resources. We can work one on one, regionally or globally in almost all countries.

Infrastructure Investment

Surrugo Consulting can help guide and supply the right level of investment for your company based on where you with your current revenue stream and help optimize your resources and or develop a local or off-shore bench of skills sets.

Alternative Funding

Surrugo partners with various entities which can help accelerate needed funding for; marketing, technology skill sets, infrastructure build outs, brick and mortar and support functions. This can be accomplished by various financing models with partners for any size investment needs.


Surrugo offers the ability to find any skill set for the data centric and technology sector. RTH candidates are fully screened for technical acumen and assured of completing their assignments on time and within budget. 

Unprecedented Velocity

 Surrugo Consulting for years has accomplished finding new business and closing sales for small to large entities with a methodology that involves minimal time from key principles.

Because of our experience, we can accelerate initial dialog quickly to determine best-fit opportunities for your company, help identify the key business owners, and help customize your offering to your targeted account segments


We Take Pride In Our Numbers


Years of Experience

Our team has an avg. of 30 years experience in IT, Mgt., Operations, Marketing and Finance) at various F50 entities and have stayed current with modernization use cases while leveraging their heritage system experience.


Contract Renewals

We have worked with every level of revenue and take pride in the wins for our clients over a 20 year period with 90% of the sales going to renewal. Our active role(s) in participating with business owners through procurement allow us work seamlessly as part of your company.


Software Business

$60M and growing. We have worked primarily in the data centric space (business application processing to security based vendors to data governance vendors) and helped early stage companies win their first major deals inside the F500 sector.


Countries World Wide

We work with vendors worldwide and have deployed SW products in over 22 countries, supplied resources at all levels of subject matter expertise.


Industry Awards

We helped companies obtain recognized awards at the Analyst level on a global basis and partner with traditional US and overseas Analyst groups – which help drive exposure and validation of your product and offerings.

Our Partners


Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Business?

Surrugo Consulting can help accelerate your business through a myriad of relationship built over 35 years of various busines because we are tied into the immediate goals and objectives of the key decision makers and what will make them successful vs the traditional start at the bottom or middle management resources – often bombarded with product collateral with little business objectives which can be attained. We can quickly assess how to accelerate throughout any organization due to the deep reach we have in all our relationships for both business and technical leaders.

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